Roof Trusses


stogo santvaros, stogo konstrukcijos
Timber roof trusses are manufactured structures joined with special steel plates (MiTek technology). This is how an especially sturdy structure, which allows making the maximum use of the load-bearing capacity of materials, is created. This structure also helps to lower the consumption of materials. (Compared to rafters, which are more traditional wooden structures, manufacture of roof trusses allows saving up to 20 percent of timber).

Trusses are made from dry timber (moisture is not higher than 18 %), and the class of planed boards is not lower than the 2nd. All products of Ecodomus, LLC are covered by civil liability insurance.

The structures are impregnated with antiseptics and fire retardants. Therefore, these structures are durable, fireproof, and resistant against environmental effects.


The Types of Roof Trusses























When  choosing roof trusses you get:

  1. A lightweight roof. Even though the weight of the structure itself is low, the load-bearing capacity of this structure is reasonably high. This provides an opportunity to save when choosing an especially sturdy support base.

  2. Fast manufacturing. Computer-aided design, modern manufacturing technologies and equipment provides opportunities to manufacture quickly and precisely (the degree of precision is millimeters). The Ecodomus, factory is one of the most modern factories in the Baltics. Therefore, we manufacture the structures of roof trusses quickly and with guarantee of quality.

  3. Uncomplicated assemblage. Because of modern technologies, roof trusses are put together like pieces of a puzzle. The structures are assembled by hand, no complex tools are used. Therefore, highly qualified staff is not required. Load-bearing structures, delivered to the construction site, are ready for assemblage.

  4. A good price/quality relationship. When using roof trusses, you consume up to 3 times less timber compared to the amount of timber needed for traditional rafters. Thus, you get a more precise and sturdier roof at a lower price.

  5. Convenient transportation. There are no special demands for transportation of trusses. Outsized roof structures are divided in the process of design and junctions are anticipated.  We deliver our production in Lithuania and abroad.

  6. An eco-friendly product and a clean environment. Roof trusses are an eco-friendly product. A manufacturing process is simple and allows not to waste timber resources. 

It is commonly thought that traditional rafters are the cheapest solution when choosing the method for the roof structure. This is not the truth. Here is an example.

The method of rafters

stogo santvaros

The method of roof trusses

santvaru metodas

The method of traditional rafters requires significantly higher costs of materials and labor. Therefore, the price is significantly higher. Meanwhile using roof trusses from “Ecodomus” allows extra savings because:

  1. Roof rafters require even up to three times more timber than trusses. Not only materials but also time needed to assemblage roof trusses is saved. Roof trusses are designed applying the most modern technologies, which allow constructing details in such a way that they fit perfectly like a puzzle.

  2. Assembling structures of roof trusses allows to significantly reduce the costs of time, energy, and labor.

  3. You also save on assemblage of foundations. The load of the structure of roof trusses is light. Therefore, the support base does not have to be very solidly built.

  4. When ordering roof trusses, you will not have to worry about buying timber.

Timber roof trusses are especially precise, sturdy, and lightweight structures.  This type of roof is perfectly suitable for:

  • Agricultural buildings

  • Residential buildings

  • Commercial buildings

  • Administrative buildings

  • Industrial buildings

Roof trusses are a good choice not only because of their quality and low prices. They are also convenient to store at the construction site:

  • The construction site will be clean. There are no wastes because structures are manufactured in the factory. You will not need to worry about storage and removal of wastes.

  • Weather conditions do not influence assemblage in any way.

  • Roof trusses make it easier to fulfil design solutions.

With our help choose the best solution to meet your needs!