It is very important to choose the right structural solution when building any type of house. It is important to choose the right materials, which will be used to construct the building. The final result depends on them. If you choose the materials wisely, the house will not only be aesthetically appealing and convenient but also warm, sturdy, and durable.

Ecodomus, LLC provides professional design services and insures a good price/quality relationship; the optimum package of services and materials is selected according the costumer’s needs and resources (quality standards are not being violated).

Services provided:

1. Preparation of technical and detailed designs for individual construction, street furniture and public-purpose buildings. The composition of a project package* varies according to the needs of a customer.
2. Design of timber structures and systems of roof trusses. Static calculations for roof structures are computer-assisted and provide effective results.
3. Redeveloping  buildings of other constructions to the wood-frame structures.
4. Provide information during the process of manufacturing and construction. We supervise construction when our structures are being assembled.

Active cooperation with architects helps to look for and find optimum solutions for structures and materials of the house. Only modern automated design systems and tools are used.

Construction designs are executed following the regulations and requirements for construction in the Republic of Lithuania, as well as following EuroCode standards:

  • STR 2.05.07:2005 „Design of Timber Structures “

  • STR 2.05.03:2003 „Basis of Construction Structures Design“

  • STR 2.05.04:2003 „Stresses and Loads“

  • STR 2.05.06:2005 „Building Design “

  • and others

Ecodomus, LLC architectural design is the best solution because:

  1. The quality of our services is high. Only the experts in their fields work in our company. They are innovation-orientated and provide the highest quality services. When designing the buildings, we consider new tendencies and possibilities. We are constantly looking for solutions which would increase the effectiveness of our work.

  2. Our goal is to achieve the best result. This is why one of our priorities is close communication with our clients and partners.   We can achieve the best result together!

  3. Specialists in Ecodomus, LLC raise their qualifications, improve their knowledge, and successfully apply them in the field of design.

  4. A competitive price. Our services are provided at competitive prices and we try to adjust them to our customers’ abilities and needs.

We provide full-scale projects with clear drawings and specified amounts of materials. This is why construction companies will easily calculate expenses and submit an estimate to the client.

If needed, additional researches are carried out in the territories of national and regional parks, in order to permit certain projects in specific areas.

We design these types of buildings1:

  • Residential buildings

  • Commercial buildings

  • Administrative buildings

  • Industrial buildings

  • Agricultural buildings

  • According to the need, we design structures for higher acoustic efficiency. To achieve this, the best quality materials and the most modern technologies in the field are used.

  • Other buildings and structures

*The composition of a project package:

1.Explanatory notes
2. The list of drawings1
3. Plans of the building (layouts of floors, schemes of the layout of the elements of ceilings, plans of the roof and its structures)
4. Essential sections
5. Facades
6. Essential junctions of the structures:
   • Connection points of the details of walls, ceilings, and the roof
   • Other junctions of specific details, places, and elements if these junctions exist
7. Drawings of elements and details (drawings and schemes of walls, roof panels, roof trusses, beams, and other additional elements)
8. Drawings and rules for the assemblage
9. The list of materials for the assemblage
10. Visualizations
11. Certificates of the quality of materials

1To prepare design, the customer submits the following:
a. Architectural or technical design of the building
b. A plan and a section of the foundations of the building
c. Design of an electrical system or an approved scheme of the building
d. Design of a plumbing system or an approved scheme of the building
e. Design of a  ventilation system or an approved scheme of the building
f. A list of windows and doors

If needed, all drawings are provided with additional notes.